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Kevin Dugan

Peter - When I focused on only trying to beat my own times, I became a much happier runner. But I do remember my first 5-K and almost being beaten by a power walker...almost.


dude i'm so impressed. and so glad that you had other reasons for being in singapore as well. i kind of envisioned you finding the race on google and flying there just to run it. it would not be out of your character for sure...


Not to celebrate mediocrity here, but isn't it sort of grand that you competed at all? Type A is fine, really, but ulcers are no fun and beating yourself up is overrated.

Og Mandino?

Haven't heard his name in about 20 years.

Good on you for coming in second to last.

Stuart Bruce - Wolfstar

Peter, I salute you - definitely rather you than me.

runner girl

"24 degrees and sunny in New York City. Clear, with a bit of wind. Perhaps a bit chilly, but perfect conditions to run a 5k race"- Huh, sorry but you lost me right there. 24 degrees and windy are not perfect conditions for racing a 5K.

Jeanna Chua

hi, I just read your entry and i found it hilarious. Not you coming in 11th but the way you told your story. But i'd just like to say good job! At least you ran a 5k race IN Singapore in the hot sweaty weather.

Im 23, in singapore at the moment visiting my parents here. Im from Canada.

Im training for my FIRST 5k run in August in Toronto.

Anyway, glad i came across your blog, it actually motivates me to want to suceed.

take care! you really did a great job!

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