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a) Unless you did it to score with some babalious babe, I really don't see the point (and even then, well, she had to be like porno star sizzling hot).

b) truly a shocking story.

c) What a geek--I understand Boeing is going to have a booth next year where they demonstrate what it is like to have a B-52 drop a bomb on your head. Wow, man, what a blast.

d) True note: there has beeen litigation about people getting really hurt and/or dying as a result of Tasers. Duh. It is better to drop out of airplanes.


your lawyers.

Kevin Dugan

So did that get you entered into a drawing or did you get a free t-shirt out of it?


Okay - this takes the phrase "dying for one's art" to a level I had hoped you wouldn't reach!
And you ASKED for that!?!? Please, for pity's sake - stick with the strippers - the worst that could happen is a tassle in the eye....


as my programming friend frank used ta say, "I'm compressed"!

Bob LeDrew

Why do I want to do a mashup of your photos with an Ernest Angley voice-over?

"Evil spirits affecting this flack's moral judgement... come OUT!"

PRAISE Jeeezuz. PRAISE him.


I'm thinking higher body fat might provide greater insulation, but it's only a theory. I am NOT willing to be the tester for that side of the experiment.

U B nutz, yo. The jumping-out-of-planes thing is looking tepid compared to this.


Hahah, hillarious! Kudos for trying that out, I'm sure you've created a memory you'll not soon forget. Weren't you concerned about, erm, soiling yourself? :)


She should definitely go to a hospital for the next 72 hours for cardio monitoring!!!

Electric shock, and especially heart threat shocks like this, can prove fatal for up to weeks after the first attack...

It seem like a "game", but the tally of deaths and lawsuits will take this "toy" of of the hand of these idiots really fast!!

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