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Gary Goldhammer

I think 2007 is far too optimistic -- but if you are right, please, dear God, let the first newspaper to die be the New York Post or Washington Times...

Piaras Kelly

I seriously can't see that happening - think 2017 (okay maybe that's a little excessive :D).

In my opinion a smaller publication will be the first to make the jump. In Ireland the Sunday Tribune has been hemorrhaging money (about €90,000 a week http://www.examiner.ie/pport/web/week_in_news/Full_Story/did-sgGzCuGMctDmksgdL11Zs5FWAE.asp) and has put some of the blame on marketing ploys like cd giveaways. I think that a paper in the same position as the Sunday Tribune will be the first to take the leap in order to reduce costs and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Dick Weltz

They said that about books -- never happened. Won't happen to newspapers (in general) either as long as a substantial portion of the population is educated, literate, and not part of the short attention span group. Folks like us will never be satisfied with a complete substitution of pixels for paper.

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