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Colin Mckay

That's all fine and dandy ... but what does it mean when I hum Erasure while walking to my van after work?

Kevin A Barry

I'll see your Kelly Clarkson, Billy Joel, Mr. Brightside and raise you a "Let's Hear it for the Boy", "Fame" and "Footloose". However, I would choose a different RENT song. "Take me or leave me" would be the one I run to. Both Angry and Motivational.


Great post! Angry music is the best at getting you past a barrier in your run -- it really moves you forward. You hit it perfectly with the Kelly Clarkson comments -- I feel exactly the same way. A few songs that help me out on a run include (and like clarkson some I never thought I would listen to) Toxic & Slave 4 You by Britney Spears, Stupid Girls by Pink, Black Hole Sun (slower but somehow really gets to me) Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me (great beat) Ron De Replay by Rihanna and Figured You Out by Nickelback (great angry song) -- too many more to list!


Try my two current obessions:
a.) 'Timeless,' a colaboration on the old-school bossa nova beat from Sergio Mendes & will i. am; whenever it is on, I cannot stop moving. It's fabulous & catchy; and,
b.) 'Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not,' by the Artic Monkeys. Track 2 (I bet you look good on the dance floor) is great - but the whole album is just a fun pop/rock party all the way through.

Of course, there's always the guilty pleasure of Madonna - Confessions on a Dance Floor is pretty good too....


LOVED this post, peter! just got around to reading it now. favorite song when i run, well, one of 'em is Deepest Blue by...well...Deepest Blue (yes, so original). also really love Built This Way by Samantha Ronson from the Mean Girls soundtrack and Cable Car by the Fray...


Great post - best angry song - Kina "Girl from the Gutter" the first time I heard this I was screaming the chorus at the end - good thing the windows were up so I only "looked" like a maniac! Best Happy (guilty pleasure) Tune - Katrina and the Waves "Walkin' on Sunshine" I can't help but move when that song plays.


When I lived in NYC I ran w/Road Runners. They are fantastic coaches- especially Shelly and Allison- for all levels of runners! Glad to hear you are training w/them.

One of the best sings for when you hit the Harlem Meer or Cat Hill is "Everybody's Got Their Something" (by Nikka Costa). It's perfect for when you need something inspriational to get you to the top of the hill.

Good luck w/the marathon and your upcoming races!

Best Regards,
Beth Gerard

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